15 tips to make your travel easy and secure

Traveling is fun, no doubt about that. But a little bit of carelessness can spoil your entire trip and dampen your travelling spirit. Hence, it is important that you travel smart, so that you can spend your entire time savouring the beauties that the place has to offer, and not waste it on petty things that will only spoil your entire experience.
Some of the things you need to keep in mind before embarking on a journey are:
1. While booking flights and hotels online, go incognito.This is because travel sites often track your location, and the next time you visit them, they might increase the prices, simply because this is your second visit there. Just remember this hack in order to save money.
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2. Use straws to carry travel-size amounts of skin care products:

So you don’t want to look like a zombie while travelling but that bottle of sunscreen is too cumbersome to carry. Well, don’t worry, just use straws for packing the stuff, like it is shown in the picture


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3. In order to save baggage space, roll clothes instead of folding them
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4. If you are carrying a pretty dress and are afraid that it will get wrinkled during the course of the journey, fold it with tissue papers.
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5. Put jewelry and other little things like buttons etc in the pill container, in order to keep them organized and untangled.
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6. Always make sure to scan important documents before leaving for a trip; in the case of misplacement or theft, they prove to be life-saving assets.
7. While travelling, you need more battery backup; so make sure your phones are charged fully. Put smartphones in flight mode to save battery and charge faster.
8. Headphones are a must during a trip. But when they get tangled, it’s really irritating. In order to prevent them from tangling wind them around a binder clip.
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9. Use an empty Tic-Tac container to store hair clips.
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10. Know your hotel information, contact details etc before hand, so that if your flight is delayed or you miss your network connection, you won’t feel all lost and clueless there, especially if it is a place you are visiting for the first time.
11. Save your boarding pass: Don’t discard your boarding pass right after you de-board your plane. It is sensible to save it, because it acts as a proof if your airline fails to give you the proper credit for frequent flier miles.
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12. Mark your bags with an easily recognizable item, lest it might get lost or picked by someone else.
13. Remember your flight number: Easier said than done, because most people do not pay heed to this detail. But it is something you really need to pay attention to, because in certain airports only the flight number is displayed.
14. Check in early to avoid the last minute rush and confusion
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15. Be informed: I know this is the age of internet and no one really cares about the Visitor Information Centres, but it is important that you utilize them to the maximum because they offer free road maps and brochures on tourist attraction; so you will know everything about the place you are visiting.
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