5 ways to save money in Bangalore

Planning a budget trip to the Silicon Valley of India? Though Bangalore is known as a very
expensive city, did you know that there are many ways in which you can save money here.


Look for cheaper staying options

The biggest expense after travel is your place of stay. There are plenty of budget hotels
where you can comfortably stay during your trip to Bangalore. The hotels need not be of 5
or 7 star – If they are clean, hygienic, and have a pleasant ambience, you can give it a shot.
Plus, if you are planning a short trip, try to travel at night so that you reduce the number of
days you stay in a hotel.

Try out street food

If you want to get the real taste of the local cuisine, then checkout the street stalls. Not only
do they serve quickly, but are inexpensive too. However, you should check if the eatery is
relatively clean before trying out the food. Another trick is to check stalls that attract a lot of
the local crowd. This means that the food they serve there are probably tasty and good.
When you’re traveling, avoid exotic dishes and choose local favorites. You will get to taste a
different dish, and at the same time save a lot of money in your budget.

Go street shopping

You will get great bargains at the street shops. If you are not looking for expensive brands,
but just casual outfits perfect for everyday wear, hit the road side shops. Chikpetai and
Jayanagara are great places to go shopping in Bangalore. Always bargain. You will surely
get a great deal if you are persistent and negotiate carefully. Also, if you are planning to
buy souvenirs, go to the government owned and operated outlets. You can be assured of
the prices here. If you are shopping near any historic landmark or tourist spot, walk a
couple of streets away from there. You will get the same item for a lower cost.

Check out deals and offers

There are plenty of coupons and offers available for hotels, restaurants, flights, and even
cabs. Collect them and use them wisely during your trip to Bangalore. If you’ve stacked up
on reward points in your credit card, then now’s the best time to make use of them.

Try traveling mid-week

Prices in hotels and malls tend to go higher during the weekends. Plus, most tourist spots
and shopping areas tend to be crowded during these two days. You are also more likely to
get lower flight rates during the week than the weekend. Keep all these points in mind and
try to plan your trip during the week rather than a weekend.

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