9 reasons why every woman needs to travel solo

Why should boys have all the fun? After all there is no power like the woman power, and when it comes to enjoying themselves, the women outdo the men by a huge margin.

Are you a woman looking to expand her horizons?

Have you tried travelling solo, yet?

If you are yet to take this seemingly bold step, then I don’t see any reason why you should not, because as they say- there is no wrong time to do the right thing! So, get packing and embark on the journey of a lifetime!


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1. It helps you overcome your fears

Maybe, you haven’t taken the much required plunge into solo traveling because you are scared. Well, this is the time to squash that fear into a pulp.

Do you remember the time when your mom first threw into the pool, or the time when your dad let go of your first two-wheeled bike? Or probably the time when you were first writing your school exams? Remember how you used to feel unfamiliar with all these things, but eventually you overcame your fear and now they seem as if they never mattered to you ever. Same is the case with travel. The moment you conquer your fear, you will fall in love with it.

2. It makes you adaptable

People who travel solo are not fussy about things, because they understand the reality of life that you can’t have everything as per your wishes. And when you are traveling, you have no one but yourself to rely on in case of an emergency, be it missed flights, messed up hotel rooms or a bad stomach. And this helps you in being more flexible and adaptable in life.

3. You overcome your fear of other people

When you don’t know people, you tend to judge them and stereotype them, and finally end of being scared of them. Once you start travelling alone, you will need people to get yourself acquainted with the place you are at, and this is when most of your stereotypes and misconceptions about people would bust. True, not everyone you meet on the way would be a goody-two-shoes; but most of them would be warm, friendly and truly awesome.

4. It helps you create

Travel gives you an opportunity to explore the hitherto unexplored terrains of unknown places, mingle with the local population and understand their tradition, customs and rituals. In a nutshell, shun your identity for a moment live like them, with them. It helps you a create a new you, one that you had never imagined in your wildest of dreams. It also helps you create new ideas, now ideologies and new perspective of life; and I don’t need to mention how you are at your creative best when you travel!


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5. You get better at negotiating

When you travel solo, there is more chance that people would try to dupe you into buying things at a higher price. But after initial hiccups, you learn the art of negotiating, while haggling with the street-vendor or finding hostel for yourself at the last minute.

6. You will know your strengths and overcome your weaknesses

Travelling solo, needless to say pushes out of your comfort zone, specially when you realize that in this trip you have no one but yourself to rely on. This is one you begin the quest of self-discovering, analyzing your strengths and understanding your weaknesses, and eventually beginning a process to overcome them.


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7. You will meet people who will eventually inspire you

When you travel alone, you meet more and different people, and some of them might leave a lasting impression in your life. They will not be some famed celebrities, but seemingly normal people doing something extraordinary in life without boasting about the same. And that is when you will realize that the world is more beautiful than it seems.

8. And in turn you will end up inspiring someone

When you travel alone to faraway places, you tend to have many stories of love, courage and compassion- enough to make someone fall in love with your persona. Trust me, your stories will motivate more people then you can ever imagine.

9. And in the end you will realize, you are much more than your occupation and your       relationships…

You need a lot of courage to drop everything and take to the road; but once you are on it, you will be a wanderer, a teacher, a social worker, a lot many things, more than what you were confined to when you were leading a sedentary lifestyle.

So, are you up for this mesmerizing experience!


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