Go Green Travel & Living – Here’s What You Can Do!

We hope you have had a great new year so far! We wanted to try something a little different with this blog, and write about various ways you can be a little more environmentally friendly at home & when you travel. Helping our environment starts with you! Here are some helpful tips on how to live and travel more green!
1. At home, try setting your temperature a few levels higher during the summer season and a few levels lower during the winter season. This will not only save energy, but money as well!
2. Take shorter showers and shut off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth to reduce water wastage.
3. Instead of using disposable bottled water, purchase a reusable water bottle; they’re extremely convenient to carry between work, school, the gym, and for traveling purposes. Having one also cuts down on the amount of discarded plastic bottles cluttering up your trash/recycle bins.
4. Respect the environment you are in – don’t try to touch any wild animals (land OR sea) you encounter. Another important rule to follow is to not touch coral when scuba diving or snorkeling. They are sharper than they appear, and can leave you with nasty, infected cuts. Coral is a living animal; when touched, it can get sick, and ultimately.
5. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot.
6. Pack light, leaving unnecessary items at home, and bring reusable shampoo bottles etc. with you, instead of using disposable, store-bought brand bottles. We recommend purchasing reusable bottles in government-approved sizes. Check the Department of Homeland Security’s official website for the latest information on this. Tip: Many of your local stores will even carry TSA-approved bottles that are also dishwasher safe!
7 . Don’t turn on lights at all for as long as you can—open your curtains and enjoy natural light.
Everyone here at Trabol.com is always looking for ways to help keep Mother Earth GREEN! These are just a few suggestions and tips we came up with; there are so many, many ways you can help! For other ways you can contribute, including using environmentally friendly transportation, check out our Blog.Trabol.com!

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