Before you head, tick these check boxes

Travel Tips

Last moment gasp, overrated confusion and devoid of situation. These are probably few of the behaviours you would notice when someone is hurriedly going to an outstation or rather yourself on that regard. Not that these are awkward but can be taken a few steps ahead to ensure things are prepared without an iota of tension.

Take a notepad that has been laying calm on your desk for all these days. And a Pen/Pencil. Tick the below boxes as soon as you read them out. May be a paper print-out of these points will be sufficient.  You can also add your own points to the list.

  • Have you gotten the tickets? Inside the hand luggage? Yes/No
  • Clothes/Basics are in check as per the weather conditions? Yes/No
  • Is the “to-do-list” in place ahead of the travel activities? Yes/No
  • Is the accommodation at new place is booked and done? Yes/No
  • Have you collected all the toiletries inside the bag? Yes/No
  • Carrying adequate cash/credit cards/other valuable cards? Yes/No
  • Did you make sure all the electrical appliances in house are switched off, mainly the kitchen? Yes/No
  • Carrying water bottles/tissue papers? Yes/No
  • You may need a pillow/blanket? Yes/No
  • Medical – First aid box in place? Yes/No
  • Sun glasses, Camera,Cell phone & Charger all picked? Yes/No
  • A route map of the new location and important phone numbers   are with you? Yes/No
  • A torch or any other emergency device is inside the bag? Yes/No
  • Is your house key with you? Yes/No

I am sure these pointers would have got you an idea before you head for the trip. Make your own list with these to ensure everything is in order.

Alright. Have you ticked “Yes” ? Take a deep breath and relax. You are all set to go! Happy journey.

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