A reality check on resolutions

Throughout 2014, everyone would have definitely celebrated the victory of success

inspired from your dreams. Now, that the calendar has turned inexorably to its glorious

next year let’s get into the insights of the Resolutions.

I know we are a little late from the happening race. Never the less, there isn’t any

defined time to do this? Uff… one more gyan… I know but, most of us would definitely

have gone through this phase……why not once more!

Where ever you are? Whatever might be the language you speak? Making resolutions has

been one of the activities millions around the globe partake in. Remembering those days

when resolutions were made just to be broken or even in most cases forget about them in

weeks or even days.

This is what happens if we try to figure out a generalized solution with the help of

resolutions for a problem.

In the era of digitalization, why not plan techno solutions where in, you can set priority

wise resolutions that help you to be more productive on a whim.

Wow! Isn’t that sounding really kewl (cool) that’s what you’re supposed to sound right?

Last, but not the least make it a blanket rule to “Stick to the plan” to reach milestones. If

you are able to even pass the blink test of the resolutions you have made, then am pretty

sure you will land up building a huge story from just an idea drafted which is now

developed into a full grown perfect plan.

I know there is no point in continuing, since all would have moved to stick on to their

plans, as I am heading towards.

“Try trading time with a list of unsuccessful resolutions by working towards goals

immensely to nail them”

I would love to hear your take on the same!

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