Reasons to take the bus in India

Travelling in India by bus is the best way to discover the various hues and colours of this fascinating subcontinent and to relish the myriad flavours that the spices of this land have to offer. So, now when you are finally in India it is time t shed your inhibitions and take the bus to faraway lands.


Saraswati bus


1. Eco-friendly :


Well, traveling by bus, intra or inter-city is the most eco-friendly way to travel, because buses carry more people, consume lesser space and emit relatively lesser amount of carbon as compared to cars carrying similar number of people. And what’s more, you get comfortable seats, you save yourself the discomfort of driving and get to enjoy the view instead.


2. Cheaper and safer mode of transportation :


Travelling by bus in India is way cheaper than taking a cab or your own car, and it is comparatively safer also, because most of the bus drivers are trained to drive on a particular terrain. For example- it would be difficult for you to drive your car in a state like Himachal because of its hilly terrain, but for drivers who have been driving buses there since ages, it is a usual affair, because they are used to the roads there and understand them like we won’t.


Kustweg op Kreta


3. More people= more fun :


When you travel in your own restricted group and in your own vehicle, you lose out on the joys of meeting newer people and increasing your group size by manifolds. Now, when you take the bus, you end up interacting with many people from diverse backgrounds and learning some interesting things from them.


4. Scenic :


Well, this is pretty obvious. The buses take you through many scenic routes and you can enjoy them without the inconvenience of concentrating on the road.


5. Comfortable :


Buses in India provide you luxury without the cost. Here you have the option of choosing between AC deluxe buses, non AC deluxe buses, Volvo and even buses with sleeper seats. And all this at a very reasonable price!







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