The Most Rejuvenating Weekend Getaways around Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is the hub of innovation and technology. So, when we think of Bangalore apparently all bricks and concrete comes to our mind, and it becomes highly difficult for us to think of green and fabulous places that adorn the outskirts of this city. So, before you think that Bangalore has no getaways to go to once you are tired of the concrete jungle around you, well you need to think further. Here, we have a list of beautiful places around Bangalore that you can visit on a shoestring budget:


1. Camping in Coorg:

Coorg is just a 5 hour drive from Bangalore, and you can spend an entire weekend there in the vicinity of nature. Enjoy the experience of camping in the midst of lush green, dream-like surroundings only at Coorg, and that too at extremely affordable prices!


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2. Intoxicated at Ramnagara:

So you thought that vineyards were only situated in Bordeaux? Well, then, we are sorry to say, you could not have been more misinformed. What if we tell you that there is a vast vineyard, just a few hours away from Bangalore? Unbelievable right. But then it is a fact! Just 70 kms from Bangalore, there is an unbelievably beautiful place called Ramnagara where you not only get lip-smacking wine at dirt-cheap prices, but also scrumptious lunch at the restaurants situated in the vineyards. And for the curious souls and enthusiasts, there is an exciting wine appreciation and wine making course, which you can take in order to feel like a connoisseur.

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3. The Starry Night at Skandagiri:

Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga is an ancient mountain fortress situated close to the vibrant city of Bangalore. So, if you are a trekking enthusiast, then this is something you cannot afford to miss. The trek to Skandagiri from Papagni mutt is not only marvelous, but it is highly unbelievable in the sense that you don’t expect such vast lands of mountains and trees so close to a city bustling with human machines. Once you are up there, spend time just gazing at the sky, and feel yourself getting rid of all the care and worries in the world.

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4. Adventure at Manchanabele camp:

If you don’t like to ‘just stand and stare’ and want some activity and adventure in life, without spending a bomb, then head off to this exciting place called Machanabele, and experience the joy of camping on an unfamiliar, unexplored terrain. Here, you can go hiking, obstacke river crossing, tube-rafting, kayaking and more. Sounds like an adventurer’s paradise, right! Well, what are you waiting for then?


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5. Mountain Biking in Dandeli Jungle:

If you had always wanted adventure in your life, but thought it would burn a hole in your pocket, well, then we have a good news for you. Just a few hours from Bangalore, you can experience the charm of mountain biking on the untrodden paths of Dandeli at a price of just 450 rupees. Now, what is your excuse?

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