10 Amazing Waterfalls to add to your Bucket List

The overwhelming ferocity of water flowing and crashing into the rocks, the sunlight reflecting the marvelous waterfall is the most amazing sight everybody would love to witness in life. Honestly speaking you will want to visit all the falls in INDIA as each one of them is a canvas of our mother Earth.
But the point is, is it possible for all of us to take such a long break and check out all of these? Doubtful isn’t it?
What about 10 of the Best Waterfalls in India? That’s doable…Right?
These are not just amazing falls but the one’s that make you go crazy and fill your memory lanes…..

1. Jog Falls, Shimoga

Planning to do something exciting, then plan your trip to Jog Falls commonly known as Gerusopaa falls which is the highest untiered waterfall that showers water directly, unlike other falls that stream on to the rocks. Yea! You go me right you are going to experience the wildest view that is completely covered with luxuriant vegetation. The steps will lead you to the depths of this water fall and shower with its awesome sprays. Make it more exciting by adding the adventurous flavor by taking a long walk to the bottom of the George when Linganmakki gates will remain closed.

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Jog Falls, Shimoga

Don’t you think Jog falls is a must and should place to visit? Agreed, right!!! So, plan your trip during winters that is August to December. Not to worry about how to reach this fantastic place, as this place connects both rails and road to Shimoga city. There are regular buses that commute between Shimoga and Jog Falls.

How to reach jog falls?

Nearest Railway station: Thalagupaa

Distance – 12.9 kms

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport

Distance – 230 kms

2. Iruppu Falls, Coorg

Thinking of natural beauty you will land up in Coorg which is one of the most popular hill stations in South India. The roaring waters is a perfect place to plan for a picnic with your near and dear ones. The magnificent surroundings enhances it picturesque appeal. You will be fascinated to know that this falls is a Paradise for Trekking that is graced by the Thirunelli temple from the Wayanad district in the south which is adorned by Iruppu falls from the Kodagu district in the north.

Iruppu Falls, Coorg

Iruppu Falls, Coorg

Now, I got to know why most of the people are very anxious in visiting this place. Then, why delay in planning? Just pack your bags and head to this trekking paradise and get back with whole lots of memories that can be cherished a Lifetime!

How to reach Iruppu Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Srimangala, Mysore

Distance – 8 kms

Nearest Airport: BIA

Distance –

3. Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Go crazy visiting the most exotic waterfalls we have which the fifth largest one in India. Who wouldn’t love this lush green falls that considered as a Jewel of Meghalaya. Get well prepared before visiting the waterfall as the force of it is so much that has created a waterhole that remains blue during the winter and automatically turns green during the summer time. But, the flow of water profuse during the summer and recedes during the winter. A sight everybody has to witness during their lifetime is this as you will be amazed to see a small stream flowing which resemble a white rope against the huge green forest.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

I know all of you are just ready to jump off and have a quick visit to this place… But, go well prepared and have loads and loads of fun!!!

How to reach Nohkalikai Falls?

Nearest Railway station and Airport: Guwahati

4. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Most of them who even do not communicate in Hindi know the meaning of Dudh… Am I right? Yea me rig you got me right it’s Dudhsagar, “the ocean of Milk” (Hindi translation) hehehe

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

When you first look at the waterfall you will see streams of milk pouring down … I know you might feel “This is it”? But Picture abhi baki hain mere dost (picture is still remaining)…. When you see the later part you will be shocked to know as it later culminates into gushing cascades enhances its mystic to look at.
I know you have no more interest you read all the blah, blah …in fact even I also wanna just visit the uneclipsed vision of this waterfalls.

How to reach Dudhsagar Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Kulem

Nearest Airport: Dabolim

5. Jang Falls, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Jang Falls, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Jang Falls, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

All of us remember the sensational Bollywood movie ‘Koyla’ which was shot at the Jung Falls, Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is really spectacular to look at the water that streams in multiple steep steps into the river surrounded by dense forest which adds more beauty to the waterfall. The Jang falls got its name from the Jang town which is situated 2 km away. I know… What’s cooking in your mind!!! Get back from Jang falls and plan a real trip with your loved ones.

How to reach Jang Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Tezpur


Nearest Airport: Salonibari

6. Kuchikal Falls, Karnataka

Experience the Asia’s second highest waterfalls with a height of 1,493 ft. height located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Enjoy the stream of water gushing along with the engulfing greenery surrounded is a true sight to behold. You will not only enjoy the view but also the serene atmosphere that takes u away from the din of the city life. I am pretty sure you are quite excited to enjoy the feel of such an amazing falls, isn’t’ it? Hurry up and plan your trip during the rainy season that starts from July and lasts up to September.

How to reach Kuchikal Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Udupi

Distance: 85.7kms

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Distance: 138.6 kms

7. Athirapally Falls, Thrissur, Kerala

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur, Kerala

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur, Kerala

Many of us would definitely have a dream to visit “The Niagara Falls” at least once in our lifetime. If you have made a visit very good!! Or else make up for that by making a visit to this majestic picturesque waterfalls that is 80 feet high and earned a title of being the “Niagara Falls of India”. If you also seem to have the same kind of desire then you have then you have hit the right page.  You will never get to see such falls in any other place in India that is adorned with Palm and Coconut trees all over you would definitely have a thrilling experience visiting this falls. After experiencing the magnificent and magical experience of this falls you would also get answers to unanswered questions about the reason behind the great Bollywood Film director Mr. Maniratnam choosing this destination to shoot songs from movies like Dil se (Jiya Jale) and Guru (Barso Re Megha). I know… it’s really a lot of info, that is been given and you are just keen to visit the place right now…!! I won’t stop you from enjoying the charm of this falls that would surely steal your hearts!

How to reach Athirapally Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Chalakudi

Distance: 41 kms

Nearest Airport: Kochi

Distance: 85 kms

8. Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

The captivating Hogenakkal falls is one of the most popular attractions in the state of Tamil Nadu. I am pretty sure that you will forget Spa for a while as the medicinal baths and the body massages make you feel to be on the top of the World!  The name Hogenakkal Falls is been derived from two different kannada words such as Hoge ( smoke) and Kal ( rock) which is an apt name for it as the water flows directly on the huge rocks which adds to its existing appeal. If you are a boat lover then plan your trip between August and May and get back rejuvenating your body and mind.

How to reach Hogenakkal Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Salem

Distance: 90 kms

Nearest Airport: Bangalore

Distance: 150.6kms

9. Kune Waterfalls, Mizoram

Kune Waterfalls, Mizoram

Kune Waterfalls, Mizoram

Kune falls is one of the largest and most popular falls located in Mizoram. Enjoy the magnificent falls which is surrounded by a stretch of thick bamboo forests. Mere words cannot describe the beauty of this amazing waterfalls. If you are not satisfied by just spending couple of hours here, don’t worry you always have an alternate for everything, then why not here!! You actually can plan and stay overnight by renting a cottage nearby which is equipped with a cafeteria to enjoy to make your trip a more comfortable one. So, make use of this golden opportunity and plan our trip during the Best time which falls during February, November and December.

How to reach Kune Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Silchar

Distance: 3,011 kms

10. Dhuandhar Waterfall, Madhya Pradesh

Dhuandhar Waterfall, Madhya Pradesh

Dhuandhar Waterfall, Madhya Pradesh

Many of us ideally might be confused of how does the word Dhuandhar relate to waterfall? Here, it goes in Hindi Dhuan (smoke) and Dhar (flow of water). The flow of water resembles that of the smoke, hence it got its name Dhuandhar. Quite convincing isn’t it?  You would be really amazed to witness the sight of water flowing through a cluster of marble rocks that lie on either side of the Narmada River. Just imagine yourself going on a boat ride in the moon light, sailing through the rocks is really heavenly!! Don’t you think so?  I know how it feels after visualizing such a thing… None of us would ever bother to talk, rather we would like to plan a trip immediately to witness this awesome sight!

How to reach Dhuandhar Falls?

Nearest Railway station: Pendra Road

Distance: 281.3 kms

Nearest Airport: Jabalpur

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