Trabol’s pick: 3 off beat destinations in India that are beyond your imagination!

We all have grown up hearing fairytales illustrating about the muse lands, sunrise and sunsets borrowed from the dream of clouds land. Just imagine, if you could witness all the one’s you have been hearing throughout your childhood closer than your thought! Hmm… Goosebumps all around right… yeah! Distance doesn’t matter, when dreams meets reality just few thousand miles away!
This is what is going to happen in a short while when you get to know all this can happen just by visiting these off beat destination in India that are beyond your imagination.

1. Sikkim : 


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When decided to check out something really off beat, then  thought why not start it with our own Sikkim with its high altitude serenity Gurudongmar Lake. Yea! You heard it right! It is the one. The stunning backdrop of this majestic peak will definitely steal your heart beat. The moment you step in to this picture perfect place, you will feel; it was worth earning this experience of losing our beat to witness this beautiful landscape. I am pretty sure, after checking out Gurudongmar Lake, you will get to discover the inner poet of you who is awaiting to just dot down all your experiences, which is the toughest task! Amazed, ask me? Because, I faced the same as I was stunned looking at the impeccable beauty that I landed up in lack of words to express! Just got immersed! The only thing I can come with it is” true beauty”, “true beauty” and “true beauty”! (By the way that’s also too less).

2. Kerala : 


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I am damn sure everyone in this planet would definitely think of the person who initiated the popular saying too much of goodness is not good! If it was for Thekkekadu in Kerala, probably he would have also had a second thought on the same.  When you really start exploring the backwaters and panoramic landscapes of Thekkekadu, which gives you the reason to exist in this world; to relish such wonderful experiences. Overall it’s an apt holiday spot for people who just wanna sit back and relax to enjoy the nature’s magic to work and trigger your souls.

3. Delhi : 



Tucked away in the winding road somewhere down the lane exists this Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. I know most of them whose reading this would be wondering, so what? Right. Even I, did the same. But after getting to know the edge of the story was kind of shocked as to why on earth did I miss this? Never the late, you can do the same. The story goes like long ago approximately 1565 A.D (quite obvious we did not even exist) after the death of Humayun, his senior most widow Bega Begam built this for her beloved husband. It was constructed with sparkling white Marble that is enclosed with features such as garden squares with water channels. To add to this, undeniable allure this Tomb is surrounded with lush green garden. Make use of this gorgeous surrounding and find a suitable place for yourself to just sit and really feel how it would be when really “Time flies”, what say?

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