Travel tips for hot and humid destinations

Traveling to a hot and humid destination? Here are some tips to help you beat the heat while you are on the go:

  • Pack the right clothes

It is important to wear the right outfits while you’re traveling. Preferably wear cotton outfits as they are comfortable and breathable. The material wicks away the sweat to leave you feeling comfortable. Plus, pack outfits that have a regular or relaxed fit. Tight fitting outfits are great for parties and special occasions. When you’re traveling all day or exploring new places, tight tops and jeans will restrict your movements and stick to your skin, sometimes even cutting out blood flow. Choose outfits in lighter colors. Also carry a mesh bag to hold wet clothes.

  • Check your toiletries and cosmetics

The next item on your packing list will be toiletries and cosmetics. Make sure you have a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF factor. If you are planning to rough it out or go camping and trekking, add a mosquito repellent to your kit. Apart from these items, you can also add a pack of wet wipes, tissues, and your usual medicines and toiletries.

  • Carry the right accessories

When you’re traveling to a hot and humid location, pack a pair of sandals or flip flops. Also make sure that the shoes you wear have good ventilation to keep your feet dry and cool. Pack a pair of sunglasses and a cap or scarf. Avoid wearing too much jewelry as they can get too cumbersome.

  • Stay hydrated

When the temperature’s high and humid, you tend to loose fluids. So, you should make sure you always carry good drinking water with you. Moreover, you can’t be sure if the water you get at all places will be good and healthy. Get packaged drinking water or boil and filter water before drinking. Drink plenty of fresh fruit drinks, tender coconut water, buttermilk and other natural items and preferably stay away from carbonated drinks that don’t actually provide any hydration.

  • Carefully plan your day

When you prepare your sightseeing plan, you should take into account the increasing temperature during day time. So, preferably start early so that you reach your destination before its gets too hot. Also plan outdoor sightseeing during the cooler morning and evening times. When the sun is at the peak, visit galleries, museums, and other places where you can stay out of the harsh sun.

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