What will travel be in future?

The world is evolving and so are its habits. Now, everyone wants more in a shorter period of time, and we don’t want to be restrained by the boundaries of time and geography; and as we all know, in a free market economy like ours- consumer is king, everything is designed as per our needs and wants. And travel is no exception. What does the future hold for traveling enthusiasts? Check-in by robot? Budget space flights? Virtual holidays? Well, everything that you can ever imagine, but at a price, and an exorbitant one. So, start saving right away!
1. Human-less Hotels:
It is just a matter of time before every hotel you see will be devoid of a human presence, except for the customers of-course! So, you will have a robot that helps you checking in, and rooms that are hyper-interactive digital spaces with pillows embedded with electronics to massage your neck and wake you up in the morning. And if you feel lazy in the room, you will have your own hologram personal trainer to help you with some exercises, thereby keeping you fit and healthy.


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2. Space Travel:

For those who have traversed the entire earth and now are looking to explore more, well, now you have a reason to rejoice! In a matter of a few years, the moon will have its own lunar hotel and a colony, and you will be able to float around it weightlessly. That said, this experience definitely comes at a price, and needless to say, it’s not cheap (approximately $ 75,000), but it is way cheaper than what manned and unmanned expeditions to the moon cost now. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving!

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3. Advanced Planes:
Are you waiting for a plane that gives you enough a small room of your own, and a lot of privacy, and is also fast and efficient? Well, the smart people in this world are already designing such aircrafts, where you can enjoy flying without having to face the guilt of degrading the environment. NASA, with the help of Boeing and other manufacturers are developing an ultra-efficient airplane that will use 70% more efficient fuel mixture. These would probably fly commercially by 2025.
Also a SkyTran being manufactured again by NASA will revolutionize the way we travel in city. It will not only be efficient but also eco-friendly, and will consume lesser energy than 2 hairdressers combined. Say cheers to an eco-friendly future! Now, this is what we call guilt-free travel! 
A proposed picture of SkyTran which is being developed by NASA to make in-city travel more efficient. Found on Image Source  
4. Underwater experiences:
In a few years we will have something called sub-aquatic hotels, where you can sleep with the fishes, like literally. A project like this, the Poseidon Underwater Resort is being constructed in Fiji. It was due to open in 2008, but now its construction is a well kept secret. But if it succeeds, then the future will see many such underwater hotels. 
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5. Local Travel:
Local travel is in vogue these days, because travellers don’t want to be treated as tourists anymore but wish to enjoy the city like a local. Within the next decade, an estimated 5-10% of the population of the world could be renting out their homes to travellers. Travel would become more localized and personal, and more focus would be placed on incorporating the culture of the place rather than just ticking things off your checklist. 

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